All About Gray Hair - How to have the Perfect Color


Platinum hair in the past was pale blond hair at the height of a dye 12 and a little yellow. Today, platinum is grayish or almost white. A lot has changed, hasn't it? It changed with the tinters, and it is still changing, because this gray hair is not just a fad that has, in fact, arrived and became the most requested hair color option in beauty salons. For further details, go here: best silver hair dye

Gray hair is glamorous, elegant and shows the face of wealth. It is in this way that a very platinum hair with gray highlights changes the posture of the wearer immediately. It is sovereign among blondes and for many girls, this is the lightest shade and closest to white.

Gray hair can be seen in several ways. Like a tinted and grayish blonde, like almost gray hair, where hair tones are lost between gray and white hair, like gray hair.

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Hair can turn gray in several ways:

1- With mattizers;

2- With specific dye and grayish nuance;

3- With mix, dye correctors;

4- With black ink;

5- With toner;

The most common way to leave hair like this is with a tint, because you use as much as you need during some days of the week. However, tinters leave superficial pigments and end up damaging the next colorations and discolorations in blond hair.

Some of these tints end up staining the lightest parts of the hair; and the fact that it does not result in a uniform tone ends up leaving this product aside when thinking about this type of tone for the hair.

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Which option is more lasting?

The most lasting and uniform option for graying your hair is with a dye with a nuance of nuance. These dyes are loaded in the gray pigment and the hair, when light, is dyed and already pigmented leaving the hair gray.

The mixes used with dye are also great options to make the color the way you want. You just can't miss the dose;

The black dye is also an option widely used to leave the hair gray and uniform, because the way it is placed in the hair it immediately catches all the light strands. The biggest problem with this option is exceeding the minimum amount to be used and ending up with darker than gray hair, and sometimes even purple!

And the fading of Gray Hair?

The gray hair fades almost always turning white and at the root more yellowish. But it depends a lot on how you put that gray in your hair.

Normally the tinters, little by little, leave hair looking white, the fading of this gray will reflect in a tone for very platinum hair;

The black dye will not fade as quickly and immediately, because it is ink, and it will be pigmented on top of white ... it does not come out as a tint, for example;

The gray mix if used with dye will have a natural fade and the color may be even lighter due to the oxidation of the yarn, but if you use the mix alone it can fade to a color you don't want, thus showing other tones implicit in this dye mix.

Gray does not erase Orange

Although for colorimetry this serves as a lesson, and for housewives who do their own hair, it is an option, in theory gray pigment inside a dye "can" soften the slightly orange hair.